Odes Event Planners (SCAM)

Odes Event planner (SCAM)

As many of you know i work as a doorman/bouncer and with all the Christmas parties it was a busy month, Having worked for a few companies over the Christmas period, one of them went bust because of a scam going round on behalf of odes event planners, a representative, Bradley Diamond, requested equipment from the UK to be sent to lagos, Nigeria. This seemed strange at the time to the company, and as they asked all the right questions, payment for the equipment was taken, using a British based credit card. the hire equipment, not being used as it was winter-time, was shipped to Nigeria, at the cost of the customer, and a week later the payment came back as a fraudulent payment, the company had to give back all of the money and wasn’t able to pay it’s debts.  Unfortunately this was a wonderful little company that was looking to grow and expand. If you come across either bradley diamond or odes event planner based in nigeria then please do your research and make sure that you are being paid for the work your doing, i have lost money in this scam as they haven’t been able to pay me for my time, but more importantly the company no longer is doing business and the family that ran the business had a terrible christmas.


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